Online Diploma of Business Courses from Australia

An online Diploma of Business course teaches you how to manage people and projects, and do specific activities such as marketing, recruitment and payroll.

Accredited diplomas are available from Australian TAFEs, colleges and universities.

  • You can study business online at any level, from short certificate courses, through to diplomas and advanced diplomas.
  • A diploma or advanced diploma course consists of 12 units, which come from a government master list of dozens of possible subjects.
  • Your college may have a fixed set of 12 units or allow you to choose from a wider selection.
  • In Australia, the latest version of the Diploma of Business is BSB50120.

Getting a business diploma through distance education can really set up your career. The qualification is versatile and relevant to many jobs. You learn skills which are relevant to any employer, including private companies and government agencies.

If you enjoy your diploma course, a possible option is to use the diploma as credit towards a bachelor degree. Depending on your provider, a diploma can count as the 1st year of a university program.

Study Business Online

Business is one of the most popular subjects to study online. You can finish an accredited Australian diploma in about 6 months of committed study.

Online courses give you the option of starting any time of year and working at your own pace. You can study entirely from your home or office, including any exams. Overall, studying business online is easier than most people think.

By studying for a Diploma of Business online, you learn how to:

  • research market trends and find marketing opportunities
  • present strategic plans and control risk
  • do budgeting and financial planning
  • recruit and deploy human resources
  • organise digital information systems
  • manage teams, enterprises and projects.

Digital learning platforms make studying business more enjoyable than you might expect. Course instructors use a variety of media, including videos, animations, traditional text readings and social media.

They make learning interactive to keep you mentally engaged. Here are some tips on how to succeed with an online business course: Top 4 Tips for Online Study Success.

Career Advancement

The skills and credentials you get from an online Diploma of Business or Diploma of Business Administration are valuable in a general way. They don’t automatically qualify you for a specific job but are useful in different roles.

Holding a business diploma makes you a more valuable employee, and more likely to move into management and leadership roles. As a graduate, you’ll have learned a variety of important concepts that underpin business and team success.

Jobs where you can put your skills to good use are available in:

  • banking and finance
  • marketing and retail sales
  • human resources
  • administration and management
  • trade and logistics.

Understanding the nature of business is handy for everyone. After all, businesses are our employers and supply the things we buy. Studying business online offers insight into how all organisations and teams work.

Business career flexibility

If you enter into a business studies program, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to specialise. For example, you could specialise in management, marketing, human resources, accounting or business finance… To keep things interesting, many people find that at some point in their career, they yearn for a complete change. If you have a business career, this is much easier to do than with many other professional careers such as nursing and engineering… business skills transfer more easily.

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Best Diploma of Business Courses

The best online Diploma of Business courses offer you quality education at a fair price.

  • The top courses have solid admin support, useful and engaging content, and nice features (such as multiple electives, recognition of prior learning, and credit towards future study).
  • The best courses in Australia also charge modest tuition fees considering the quality of service.

By enrolling in a good course, you have a better chance of completing the program and achieving excellent learning outcomes. You should come away from the course with both a qualification and confidence in your new business skills.