Danica McKellar on Teaching Maths to Children

Danica McKellar (known as Winnie Cooper) from the TV show “The Wonder Years” has made significant contributions as mathematician and author.

Teacher Roles and Responsibilities

Here are outlines of what teachers do both inside and outside the classroom. As well, we provide job description examples for teaching jobs.

Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) Outcomes

EYLF learning outcomes are the expected results of children’s learning in the early years. They act to support child development in all areas.

Connected Learning Theory and Model

Living in the 21st century implies discovering and trying new ways to learn. Each person is unique and therefore, each one has a dominant learning style. Among the most recent…

How Prior Knowledge Affects Learning

Prior knowledge is essential for learning. That’s because all learning involves transfer from previous learning. That’s not just my opinion but a finding from the National Academies for Science Engineering…