4th Year Psychology Honours Online

The fourth year (Psychology Honours) is a vital step to become a psychologist in Australia. The traditional honours year is available online, as well as the alternative Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced).

Title: 4th Year Psychology Online Courses
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Online Honours Course Providers

Here are details on the 11 online honours course providers. Accredited online programs are available for graduates of Bachelor of Psychological Science or similar degrees and are approved by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).

  • Australian College of Applied Professions (NSW) – Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)
  • Charles Sturt University (NSW) – Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) (Honours)
  • Southern Cross University (NSW) – Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours
  • University of New England (NSW) – Bachelor of Psychology with Honours
  • Cairnmillar Institute (VIC) – Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
  • Federation University Australia (VIC) – Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)
  • La Trobe University (VIC) – Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours
  • CQUniversity Australia (QLD) – Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)
  • James Cook University (QLD) – Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)
  • University of Southern Queensland (QLD) – Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Psychology)
  • Edith Cowan University (WA) – Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

These accredited programs provide students with the opportunity to advance their psychology education from anywhere in Australia.


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The fourth year of psychology is a transitional period where high-achieving undergraduate students transition from coursework into research. Participants complete a mix of coursework and supervised research to qualify for further study and provisional registration.

Accredited online honours degrees are available from close to a dozen Australian universities and higher education institutions. Graduate satisfaction ratings and entry requirements are highlighted, offering prospective students a guide to their options for online fourth-year psychology courses.

Key Takeaways

  • The fourth year is essential for progressing to postgraduate psychology programs in Australia.
  • Students can choose between a traditional honours year and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced).
  • Online fourth-year courses provide flexibility for students to study from anywhere in Australia.
  • Accredited online honours programs are available from several Australian universities.
  • Entry requirements generally include a high GPA in undergraduate psychology studies.

Alternative to Psychology Honours

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The Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced) is a flexible alternative to the traditional honours year. This online course offers the same rigorous education as an honours program but is structured to accommodate part-time study. It’s suitable for students balancing work and other commitments.

This advanced diploma provides practical training and prepares graduates for further study and provisional registration with the Psychology Board of Australia. Students engage in coursework that covers advanced psychological assessment, ethics, and research projects, mirroring the honours year experience.

Entry requirements for the Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced) include a bachelor’s degree or a graduate diploma in psychology with a minimum GPA of 5.0 out of 7.0. This alternative route is ideal for those who may not have secured a place in an honours program but still aim to advance their psychology career.


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